Will CSK Unlisted Share Price Continue To Rise?

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Chennai Super Kings(CSK) is one of the most successful franchises and has millions of fan-following globally. Ahead of the 16th season of the Indian Premier League(IPL), which will start at the end of March 2023, CSK share price is expected to rise massively. Apart from having outstanding performance on the ground, CSK is also known for its stable position in the unlisted share market. 

During the IPL season, retail investors make a lot of money every year from buying and selling Chennai Super Kings unlisted shares. Tata IPL 2023 is about to start; there are many speculations among retail investors regarding the future CSK share price. In this article, we will discuss the future performance of CSK unlisted shares.

Reasons For CSK Share Price To Rise In The Future

One of the biggest reasons behind the surge of CSK share price in NSE is the IPL tournament that happens every year during the summer. However, during the pandemic, when the cricket league was organised late, investors suffered huge losses in the stock market. The CSK share price increases depending on the team’s performance. Since the track record of CSK throughout the IPL season is extraordinary till now, there is no scope for major loss for retail investors. Here are the reasons why CSK share price will continue to rise in the coming months:

  1. IPL Season 2023

Every cricket fan knows the brand value of Chennai Super Kings, which was around Rs 7600 crore last year. It is one of the most successful teams having 4 IPL trophies and a record of qualifying for the Playoffs most of the time. Ahead of the IPL 2023, various experts forecast that the CSK share price will remain high throughout the season. So, buying unlisted shares will be the best decision for retail investors.

  1. CSK Acquisition In Other Leagues

A few months ago, CSK acquired the Wanderers Johannesburg in South Africa’s cricket league. At that time, CSK share price NSE suddenly increased, resulting in a higher market valuation. Due to this, the brand value of CSK also increases, benefiting its investors. The performance of the CSK unlisted shares always peaked throughout the league. So, the CSK share price is expected to continue to rise whenever its franchise performs well in the World’s other top cricket league.

  1. Only IPL Team With Unlisted Shares

You might not know, but CSK is the only IPL team with unlisted shares for trading. So there is good news for retail investors as there is no competition in this sports category. Chennai Super Kings unlisted share price is Rs 169, which will go much higher during the IPL tournament. Investors get an average gain of 150% annually as the CSK share price can go from Rs 70 to Rs 210 during the season. 

Chennai Super Kings Unlisted Share Price

When it comes to the price movements of the CSK unlisted share price, it depends on the team’s performance and market condition. During the off-season, the CSK share price remains moderate and doesn’t give a higher return. However, throughout the IPL season, the cost of CSK shares depends on the team’s performance on the ground. Every year, CSK unlisted share price increases by 25% and the ratio remains higher whenever Chennai Super Kings wins the tournament. Apart from this, the price-per-share ratio of CSK is also higher, which is also a positive sign for investors. In addition, the price of CSK unlisted shares also depends on various financial factors:

CSK Financial DetailsFY 2022
Revenue349 Crore
EBITDA Margin 15%
Market Valuation$1.3 Billion
Total Unlisted Shares250 shares
Face Value/share0.1
Return On Equity13.0%
Dividend Percentage0.2%
Price per sale15.1

The financials of CSK shown above is from last year and estimating the future CSK price based on it can help you. When the stock market was bleeding, CSK share price NSE was doing well for retail investors. Furthermore, the revenue of CSK will continue to grow from its additional sources of income like the sale of merchandise, royalties etc.

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